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If you are not completely satisfied with my service, you have up to 6 month to ask for a free recast. No condition! I have heard a lot of complains about spell casters who don't answer after they're paid, or who don't do the job they're paid for.

I'm not only saying I actually DO what you ask me. I'm proving it. With this guarantee, you have the TOTAL ASSURANCE that I'm going to work for you! Moreover, my services are not limited to the cast of a spell. I understand most of you are completely new to this and I will be your guide in this thrilling experience. Changing your life with magic is possible!

That said, there's something I want to say very honestly. Superman or superwoman don't exist. Superheroes live in comics and movies only. The supernatural power that exists lies all around us. Spell casters are just persons learning how to control this energy. Whether you call it magic or witchcraft, the fact is we are just humans. We are gifted, but still humans.

There are things I can't do so I don't guarantee actual results. Serious casters don't do it! However I keep my success rate pretty high as I'm able to feel when I can be helpful, and when a situation is beyond my capacities. If so, I will tell. I don't like wasting my time with desperate cases as you don't like to waste your money. If I say I can work for your case, it's because I am 100% convinced I can help you!

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