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Make sure you have read this page. The answers to your questions are probably here!

I am totally new to this, is it a problem? Do I need to know anything about spell casting before I contact you?

It is normal that you are not an expert in spell casting. If you were you would probably cast your spell yourself. If you have any question of any kind, just ask me. There is no reason to feel foolish for asking me something. You can be a complete beginner and have results.

If I do not live in your country nor does the person I need to cast the spell on, is it a problem for you to cast a spell for me?

No, it's not. The energy of the spell can reach you wherever you may be. If you want an example, a white magic spell can reach the karma of a person living on the Moon. You are not that distant from me, right? So it won't be a problem at all.

What information do you require to cast a spell for me?

For all spells I cast I require a minimum information like the names and birthdates of the persons involved in the spell, the outcome you are looking for and thye explanation of the current situation you want to change. If you have pictures, send them to me as they will help my concentration. I will ask you more information if it's specifically required for your case.

Does your spell interfere with any other spell I have ordered before?

No, but you better tell me first what spells you ordered or cast alone. Then I will determine if the energies of this spell are compatible with mine and if so (which is generally the case if the spells are all cast to achieve the same purpose) they will not interfere with each others.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept all kind of credit cards. Payments are made on the website on a secure and hacker safe gateway.

Do you ask me for additional fees after I paid for the spell?

No, I don't and never will ask you for these hidden costs. I put a lot of dedication into customer care and will never take advantage of my situation to request unjustified fees. It would be dishonest and that's something I hate above all! Once you have paid for a spell, I will do the work from start to finish.

After I paid for the spell, when can you cast the spell?

It depends on my schedule. I work alone and can be very busy at times. To give you an idea, I generally start 1 week after full payment is received. I will notify you about it indeed.

Is there anything I need to do during the spell casting?

Yes. I will ask you to perform a special meditation for the spell's energy to reach your karma. Moreover, this meditation will drive positive energies to your spell and will help you to focus on the results you expect.

Do you use samples to cast spells?

No. Samples are easily contaminated. I rather work with the birth information, it is much more reliable.

When will I see results from the spell you cast?

Some clients see results from the very first day after the spell is cast. Some have to wait longer. Most commonly, though, it takes from 5 to 45 days after you finish your ceremony.

Will your spells cause any bad karma on the persons involved in the spells?

No! I don't use any type of harmful magic such as Black Magic when I cast a spell for you. My spells are totally safe.

What about backfires? I read spells come back three times on the person who cast them, is it true?

Backfires are directed to the spell caster. Since I cast your spell, I am the person concerned about backfires, not you. However don't worry about me, I often cast protection spells on my behalf to avoid backfires and the Law of Return.

Are your love spells affecting the free will of the person targeted by the spell?

Contrary to popular belief, a true love spell (or a true spell if you cast a spell of another type) is not upsetting the natural order. With a love spell, you are not forcing anyone to love you; you are just increasing your chances to be loved by a person. Moreover, people saying that spells are manipulative are totally wrong. With a spell, you're just trying to get an extra help from magic. But when you offer a gift to someone to attract that person, is it manipulative? When you're dressing nice to seduce someone, is it manipulative? Of course not! That's the same with spells. It is just a natural way to get what you want.

I need very fast results, can you cast a spell for me and help me with this?

I don't believe in the efficacy of "quick" spells for serious problems. A good work requires concentration and a lot of care and nothing permanent can be created in just a few seconds, even with magic. For example, does a solid couple created in seconds? I don't think so. The most stable and permanent relationships require that both individual know each other perfectly well, and months are necessary, sometimes years. It's basically the same with spells: the longer it takes to manifest your wishes, the more efficient it will be. I try my best to give you fast results but I mainly focus on the quality and permanency of my spells.

Do you cast free spells?

No, I seriously can't offer that. Casting a spell requests a certain amount of time and I have indeed different materials to buy to cast a spell. Moreover, why would I offer my services for free? When you go to see a doctor, do you ask him for a free treatment? When you go to WallMart, do you ask the cashier to let you go with all your stuffs for free? Lastly, compared to many other spell casters, I don't think that I charge a lot for my spells.

Do you offer a guarantee?

My spells are highly powerful, it is a fact! My magic, the most powerful you can find, it is proven! If you still are not completely happy with what you obtained, and as it is stated in the “terms of use” you can have a recast after certain period, once I have determined what had happened.

How often will we communicate?

My work is very personal and I bond with my clients very well. You can write to me as many times you need and I will answer to you as fast as I can. In general basis I check my emails 1 or 2 times per day, but it depends on how many spells I am working at the moment, so please have this in mind if my response takes a while (I am no robot either!).

I worked with someone before who stopped answering to me after a while, will you do the same?

Of course not. I prioritize my clients! The only factor that can delay my answers as I said before is that I am working with the spells and I am not able to reach my emails.

One last thing and just to avoid misunderstandings, do not confuse my services with counseling. I can write back to you about the spell, about how they are developing and small details about the situation in general but I cannot provide counseling or guidance you through your daily life. I dont have the right tools to provide you this kind of assistance.

Can I call you?

If you have read the whole site, you will know by now that I am what's called nowadays a "workaholic" and I work on my own. This means that I have to administrate my time and energy in the best way, focusing on the spells and the results and not talking on the phone. Therefore I choose emails which make my tasks easier.

Can I meet you personally?

Yes, but I only give very few interviews per year and you also must know that due to many factors a personal consultation with me can cost 10 times or more than the online services I provide and for you the results will be exactly the same.


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