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My name is Helen Lewis and I am 36. Witchcraft has no secrets for me. At a very young age my grandmother initiated me to the arts of casting spells. I am proud of my gypsy origins and would lie if I was trying to hide them as most gypsies do. Everyone has to make an important choice someday in his life. Mine was to choose to become a spell caster rather than the more common gypsy fortune teller. To make long stories short, let's say that I was more gifted for the former. Believe me, it wasn't an easy one and I knew the consequences.

real white magic spells
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Still nowadays in our modern World, people believe witches are Satanists and belong to the devil. It's totally untrue indeed and for doing witchcraft my daily work, I renounced to have a normal social life. Not only because it demands a lot of work but because people have a very bad opinion of persons like me. That's why I am slowly passing exams for more commonly accepted psychic areas: tarot, astrology or numerology.

real white magic spells
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However, I still want to do witchcraft as it is really where I excel the most. But I don't know if I will do that for another 15 years even if I have found a sort of new "family" online with my clientele. I love reading and writing emails and of course, I spend most of my time for my work, for which I am 100% dedicated day-in and day-out.


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My spell became successful in only 3 weeks! We share an immense love thanks to Helen's magic and I recommend her to anyone looking for that kind of help. Leena

My relationship is perfect since you have read my personal horoscope. I have understood how to cope with the personality of my husband and it's been over three months that we haven't had any argument. I highly recommend this site to everyone! Mary

Thank you very much for your tarot reading. I am pretty used to online readings but I must say that none of them equals yours. You have been very accurate and answered my question more than well. I will come back for sure. Dew

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